CLASS BOOK – It’s finally ready!!!

Hi Class!!

Hope you’re summer has been AWESOME so far. Mine has been super busy with awesome DIY projects/remodeling at home. I’m sorry this book has taken so long, but I decided to add extra pictures that I had of yours and it took a while to make all the pictures fit nicely on the pages. I did a lot of rearranging.



BOOK SIZE: Standard Landscape — 10×8 in (25×20 cm)

BOOK LENGTH: 36 pages


  • Softcover + Premium Lustre paper — $32.74
  • Hardcover (black linen cover + dust jacket) — $44.21

Hope you like it! I couldn’t make the pictures bigger than they are because of resolution. But it is a standard landscape size book, so I think the photo sizes are pretty good.

Miss you all!! I still want to do another full moon hike, but this past one didn’t work with my schedule. I will email about a future date. 🙂


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