Hi Class! Here are your photos from the FULL MOON HIKE (May 3rd).

Since we used the Live View function on my camera, noticed I couldn’t see what the image numbers were, so I’m guessing as to who’s pictures is who’s. If you remember how you composed your shots (where the moon was placed in your pictures), just right-click and save those as yours 🙂 Next time I will try to count how many pictures each of you took — it was kind of hard since we were in a hurry. These pictures are awesome!!! So proud of you guys and happy that you cam and took pictures with me 🙂

_MG_9619 _MG_9618 _MG_9616 _MG_9614 _MG_9613 _MG_9612 _MG_9611 _MG_9610 _MG_9609 _MG_9608 _MG_9607 _MG_9606 _MG_9605 _MG_9604 _MG_9603 _MG_9602 _MG_9601

_MG_9662 _MG_9661 _MG_9660 _MG_9659 _MG_9658 _MG_9655 _MG_9652 _MG_9651 _MG_9650 _MG_9649 _MG_9645 _MG_9644 _MG_9643 _MG_9642 _MG_9641 _MG_9640 _MG_9639 _MG_9638 _MG_9637 _MG_9636 _MG_9635 _MG_9634 _MG_9633 _MG_9632 _MG_9630 _MG_9628 _MG_9627 _MG_9621 _MG_9617 _MG_9614 _MG_9613 _MG_9604


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