MAY 6TH CLASS REVIEW: Chris Hanke, Stephanie Gonot, & Scanner Photographer

Hi Class!

FULL MOON HIKE pictures are now posted in the FULL MOON HIKE PHOTOS page (linked in the menu or in the sidebar on the right).

Below are pictures from this week’s lecture. Think about how you can “create” your own subjects. Photography doesn’t just have to be about what you see in front of you. You can set up your own still life shots or “modify” spaces by adding your own objects, etc. Scanner photography is another method of using your computer scanner bed as a camera. Just place object on the scanner bed and scan — Keep the lid open so you can move the objects as it scans or include yourself in the scans. You can also hold black or colored posterboard over the open scanner as a “background” for your scanned image.

HOMEWORK – Choose one or more of these options: 

  • Re-shoot pictures from earlier in the semester (or last semester) that you think you can improve or have better ideas for now.
  • Create your own subject. A simple idea would be the Stephanie Gonot paper setup – just cut up and fold paper and make a picture out of it. (see picture below)
  • Experiment with scanner photography.
  • Upload some awesome pics that you took during our walk on Wednesday.

See you Wednesday! 🙂


ChrisHanke ChrisHanke2 ChrisHanke3

10_spillsjpg-6 10_spillsjpg-15 15_hankechrisamaptoguideyoubackweb 35_hankechriseverythingfolding

STEPHANIE GONOT (Artist/Photographer who got hired through people seeing her work on Instagram)

stephaniegonot stephaniegonot2 stephaniegonot3 stephaniegonot4 stephaniegonot5 stephaniegonot6
stephaniegonot8 stephaniegonot9 stephaniegonot10 stephaniegonot11 stephaniegonot12 stephaniegonot13 stephaniegonot14 stephaniegonot15 stephaniegonot16 stephaniegonot17 stephaniegonot18 stephaniegonot19 stephaniegonot20

SCANNER PHOTOGRAPHER (Various internet sources)

1082099267 (1) 1082099368 1082099449 Dissection_by_Konjekto Scan 3 Scanner_Photography_IV_by_Konjekto Scanner_Photography_VII_by_Konjekto slitscanphoto_01

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