WEEK 24 – Green [Screen] Beginnings

Hi Class! So my inability to talk loud on Wednesday was actually me getting sick 😦 … which is why this post is a day later than I wanted it to be. You guys seemed a bit apprehensive about using the green screen, so I wanted to explain why and how green screens are used. This is supposed to be a fun project (you can create almost anything without even using Photoshop) 😉 . I love this commercial by Dell. You can make big ideas come to life with green screen!

Here’s a stop-motion commercial in case you were thinking about how else you could play with pictures and video…
What is “green screen”? It’s a certain green (chromakey green) background behind a subject that is “keyed out” (erased) and replaced with another background. This is how they shoot fantastical movies (Lord of The Rings, 300, Hobbit, Alice and Wonderland, etc.) and TV shows (Once Upon a Time) and commercials. It’s also how they shoot the weather reporting on news channels (the map you see in the background is actually not there. Usually a blue screen is behind the weather reporter. Basically, its an easy way to have a crazy background environment that is either impossible or too expensive to create. ALICE IN WONDERLAND chromakey

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Behind the Scenes Full Movie B-roll

Clips from behind the scenes — you will see lots of green screen.

Why are we learning about this? Because you can use green screen in small applications or big projects. Its also a good way to practice lighting, its pretty cheap ($) to get started, and its used in digital photography and digital film-making. REVIEW In class we set up our green screen in the park. Ideally, we would be out there around noon when the sun is at its highest point (so we would have no shadows). We all helped keep the screen tight and smooth by taking turns holding it down while others took their pictures. We wanted to take pictures that we would later pair with a new background.

  • We will be working together in class to combine our pictures and backgrounds.
  • I KNOW THAT IT MAY SEEM HARD RIGHT NOW. DON’T WORRY. This week was basically just shooting our green screen pictures. Plus, I was kind of losing my voice so it was hard to explain everything.
  • I am posting your pictures below. Right-click on your pictures to save them to your computer or click on them to open the link and then save them to your phone/iPod/iPad/device by pressing on them until the “save image” option pops up. Then import them to your green screen app.
  • If you are confused or having trouble with your app, don’t worry. We will go over this in class.
  • I am posting some sample backgrounds below (scroll down) for you to use if you’d like.

 How to make your own backdrop stand… I made our backdrop stand out of PVC pipe for about $26 (with tax). I followed the directions on this blog but made my vertical pieces a bit longer to make the stand taller (I knew Micah would be taller than the original plans). I bought our green screen muslin backdrop on Amazon for less than $20 (Prism brand). http://www.dandelionsonthewall.com/2012/04/diy-photography-backdrop-stand-pvc-pipe.html?m=1


  • Find or make a background picture to combine with your green screen picture. If you’ve already done this, just come to class with your background pic and your green screen pic. 🙂
  • Need ideas? Here are some examples and pictures you could “re-create” using a green screen:

SALVADOR DALI – Surrealist Artist…. a fantastic weirdo 😉 61 Dali-The-Disintegration-of-the-Persistence-of-Memory Dali-The-persistence-of-memory salvador-dali-elephants-wzr4ut2c The Meditative Rose by Salvador Dali OSA388 wonderful-salvador-dali-painting-butterfly-on-home-design-with-pix-for-salvador-dali-paintings-butterfly


1 300_comparison moon-composite panam_2_beforepanam_2_after  titktik cheerio honeyishrunk01 Kids-On-A-Flower maxresdefault Screen-Shot-2013-03-06-at-10.04.55-PM YOUR PICTURES [if you used my camera]… _MG_7595 _MG_7598 _MG_7604 _MG_7606 _MG_7610 _MG_7614 _MG_7619 _MG_7621 _MG_7622 _MG_7625 _MG_7628 _MG_7685 _MG_7690 _MG_7691 _MG_7693 _MG_7694 _MG_7700 _MG_7703 _MG_7706


beach-wallpapers-tropical-palm-trees-wallpaper-35574 hd-tropical-island-reflections-beach-wallpaper-1920x12001 Open_Coffin_by_nixie04 Original_halloween-coffin-after-empty-open_s3x4_lg Tropical-Beach-Wallpaper-2

IDEA: Cliff-diving background!

Cliff-Jumping Fog_2_by_Banana_Workshop (1) red-autumn-foliage-in-foggy-forest-17292

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