WEEK NINETEEN – Henri Cartier-Bresson & Snapseed Tilt Shift

Hi Class! Here’s the video we watched about Henri Cartier-Bresson. It might not be super exciting, but if you really listen to what he says, you will hear him make some important points about what to look for and how he takes great pictures.

Some important points:

  • He “loves GEOMETRY” — he loves how shapes work together to form a composition. He isn’t looking ONLY for shapes, but he’s looking for connections they make in the picture as  a whole.
  • He aims to make good compositions while capturing the feeling/culture/environment of a place.
  • Life moves quickly — be ready to take pictures at any time by having your camera with you. There are some things you cannot recreate. You will miss them if you don’t have a camera with you.
  • Avoid taking TOO MANY pictures.  The best picture might come between those two shots you just took. Sometimes its better to wait for the right shot of something.
  • Sometimes you cannot get a good picture of something, and that’s ok. Not everything can be made into a great photo, and that’s ok. Just move on.
  • He described himself as very IMPULSIVE. This is good for taking pictures (but not so good in his personal life). He reacts quickly to the sight of something interesting, therefore allowing him to take pictures of things that others might not.
  • He also seems to be very CURIOUS. Curiosity can get you into trouble, but it can also help you see/find things that others might not.

HCB1932004W00002C Untitled

HOMEWORK — 1 BLACK & WHITE photo with added TILT SHIFT

This video was posted in the last email — but its great because it goes through BLACK and WHITE functions as well as TILT SHIFT. This is a gret tutorial to help you do your homework.

See y’all next week!

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