WEEK FOURTEEN – Street Photography / Documentary Photography / Black & White

Hey Class!

Its great to be back in class with y’all. I missed seeing your faces and your awesome pictures ūüôā


This past week, we talked a little bit about street photography and documentary photography. We looked at some photos by Eugene Richards, a world-renowned documentary photographer.

Both genres of photography capture subjects as they are, but street photography leans towards the spontaneous capture of ¬†what the photographer sees while out shooting…. while documentary photography aims to visually represent someone’s or a place’s story — and the photographer usually has to become very close and familiar to their subjects. Some documentary photography could also be labeled photojournalism. You are “reporting” with pictures. National Geographic is a great example of this.

Now there are lots of ideas out there about these two genres, but I’m trying to summarize what they are as simply as possible. ūüôā¬†EXAMPLES IN LINKS OF EACH GENRE ARE POSTED BELOW.

I also talked a little bit about black and white photography. To take good black and white pictures (or edit them), you need good CONTRAST — some deep blacks and some light whites. Its ok to have greys in between, but make sure your picture has dark and light. You can achieve this by editing your picture.

— Choose a black and white filter/preset (I really like B1, B5, X1, and LV2 in VSCOcam — or INKWELL in Instagram).

— Increase the CONTRAST in editing tools if needed.


— Try to capture people/situations/environments while your out. (street photography practice)

— Try to capture event/people/place that tells a story about it. Imagine you are writing an essay about it, but with PICTURES. This is called a “photo essay”. *** ¬†You can tell a story¬†with one picture or¬†progressively tell a story over the course of 3-5.


Eugene Atget:   http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artMakerDetails?maker=1763

Henri Cartier-Bresson: http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/968

Robert Frank: http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/frankinfo.shtm

Paul Strand:  http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artMakerDetails?maker=1899

Saul Leiter:  http://www.gallery51.com/index.php?navigatieid=9&fotograafid=15

Rupert Vandervell: http://www.rupertvandervell.co.uk/

Lukas Vasilikos:   http://www.121clicks.com/photographers/LukasVasilikos/#.VLNEkyvF8W4

Ronya Galka:  http://www.ronyagalka.com/#!street-photography-london/cr8v

Peter Kool:   http://www.121clicks.com/photographers/PeterKool/#.VLNDbivF8W4

Fan Ho “Living Theater” gallery:¬†http://www.fanhophotography.com/living-theater.html

If you are interested in learning more about street photography, here’s a link to some short bios of very important photographers:¬†http://www.freedigitalphotographytutorials.com/photography-ideas/the-history-and-ideas-of-street-photography-famous-street-photographers/


Eugene Richards – pictures from a few of his photo essays.

richards-1 Marco Gualazzini ba8484fe7872c7389382bb61c7404a78 20050316-richards-mw10-002-910 292fb7bf242f47b5534e5fa60d32deb8 31cda3576d630b54ddb91ff41df7ecb2 09 6cfb6c9d8c62006ac2631e88339fedff 003_RIE1971001W00002-20A-sized

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