WEEK SIX – Tracking Practice & Photographers

Hey Class!

I seem to have left my laptop charger at the church this week 😦 So, I will upload your bubble photos next week. So sorry for the delay!


Tracking (aka Panning): Panning is the act of tracking the lateral movement of an object in order to successfully capture the object – without blurring, but sacrificing the clarity of the background (this occurs because the moving object is followed by the camera, while the stationary background is blurred by the camera Panning).

– Focus on a moving object and follow it with the camera while you’re standing still/in the same spot. This allows your subject to be in focus while the background is blurred — this creates a sense of movement in your photo.


Luigi Ghirri – Clean, empty, beautiful everyday “landscapes” & reflections

Luigi-Ghirri-plage-Ravenne-1972 Luigi-Ghirri-Paris-1972-via-Matthew-Marks-Gallery LuigiGhirri04 luigiGhirri_BL41677 kodachrome-luigi-ghirri-8 37023_01_PREVIEW0-b 37016_01_preview0 sisgnorini 003

How to take good pictures in “busy” or “crowded” spaces:

– Use the rule of thirds like crazy!

– Find a subject within the scene and use the subject to arrange your composition.

– Use diagonal/leading lines.

– Sometimes lighting can make a big difference — golden hour light works wonders for “ehh” pictures.

Some examples from Milton Campbell’s VSCO Grid:

Notice his use of the rule of thirds, and that there is always a defined “subject”… something or someone for us to focus on.

10703922_10152286161037167_6886573681984114073_n 10610921_10152286832397167_3637161651200193472_n 1505587_10151751431537167_1844587198_n 1471121_10151750848717167_1325760042_n




Use reflections in your pictures – mirrors, puddles, pools, fountains, windows, etc.

Try to get some good tracking shots.

Email me 3-6 of your best photos by Teusday evening 🙂

See y’all Wednesday!

One thought on “WEEK SIX – Tracking Practice & Photographers

  1. Thank you Miss Alex. We are almost ready to leave to Arizona. I will not be at class this week, but I will still try to send some pictures to you, maybe even of the Grand Canyon! Tell Bella hola!


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