Hi Class!

Either y’all are learning a lot or you’ve got some major talent.. or both! Your pictures were really great this week. I’m so proud of you guys!


— Use the RULE OF THIRDS as much as possible.

— Use leading lines & angles for instant “awesome”.

— Golden hour light is basically free MAGIC. Use it! 🙂

— Stay still while you take pictures — blurry pics don’t let us see what you want us to see 😉 . (I wrote some tips on the last blog post.)

— The more pictures you take, the better you will get –> “Bad pictures” are GOOD FOR YOU. They help you learn what does NOT work. The more you learn.. the more GOOD opportunities you will recognize and capture. 


— Learned how to make cheap gold & silver light reflectors with poster board and spray paint.

— Learned how to set up a basic white backdrop/surface with a piece of poster board and easel (or stack of books).

— Learned how to use reflectors — reflect light onto darkened/shadow areas. Don’t stand in the way of the light!

Here’s the picture I told you about — one of my teachers at USC made it by using lots of white boards to reflect light:

reel case - peter holzhauer

Reel Case by Peter Holzhauer

TERRENCE MALICK (director/cinematographer)

Things to think about after looking at his film stills:

— “Everyday” things in life can become beautiful pictures.

— Think about the angle/point-of-view that you are shooting from. What does that communicate through your picture?

— You don’t always need to show everything in a picture — sometimes showing just “enough” is best (dinosaur picture).

tumblr_mhtsb3B4Ex1qixuo1o1_500 8_maintumblr_ms49kkOI331qixuo1o1_500tumblr_m0e8t0U9ER1qzy8r9tree1_1867802itreeoflife1   JPMALICK-articleLarge   treeThe-Tree-of-Life-201170vlcsnap-2011-09-21-16h52m01s44   Tree-of-Life13alt treeoflife tree_of_life_71 To_the_Wonder_Terrence_Malick_81 the_tree_of_life_1


1. Take lots of pictures — using the RULE OF THIRDS & GOLDEN HOUR LIGHT OR WINDOW LIGHT as much as possible.

2. Send me 3-6 of your BEST PHOTOS. Not 10. Just 3-6.

3. On Wednesday — Wear clothes & shoes that can get wet/soapy!!!

We are making giant bubbles to photograph. SUPER FUN!!


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